No Greater Joy Ministries saw a need for homeschoolers to create some sort of community. They saw a need for homeschoolers to meet other like-minded people (future mates). So, they created the first No Greater Joy “shindig” in 2012 at Big Sandy, Texas. It was a huge success! People were coming from everywhere around the country. So, the next year they put it in a more central location, and the 2013 Shindig was in Missouri. Once again, it was a huge success. The 2014 Shindig was in North Carolina and this would be No Greater Joy’s last shindig they would host. Michael and Debi Pearl felt the strain of putting on such an event, and encouraged people out there to do “mini” shindigs. Get together with other like-minded believers and create community was their call. A few people answered that call. The East Texas “mini” Shindig has been carrying on since. There was one in Florida last year, and they will do another next year. Michael and Debi Pearl heard about what was going on and said they would come speak if others would continue to host the event. We are hosting the Deep South Shindig in hopes to help keep these events alive. The “mini” shindigs are designed to be more regional, however all are welcome. The last East Texas “mini” Shindig saw people from Hawaii, Colorado, and Mexico. So, come join us for great fellowship.